Pain nil sachets For Joint Pain, Arthritis & Muscle Pain x 20 sachets

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Pain Nil sachets For Joint Pain, Arthritis & Muscle Pain x 20

This Listing is for Original 20 Pain Nil  sachets 

Description: Nothing is more efficient than Pain Nil.

People suffering from a headache, muscle pains, joint pains and need instant cure should use this tablet.

Pain Nil are herbal and natural medicine to cure various aches and soreness in the body and is an effective holistic curing method. It is useful in relieving many types of body pain.

Benefits of Pain Nil sachet

  • Pain Nil  instantly cure headaches.
  • It is effective in curing body aches and soreness.
  • Cures the muscular and joint pains.
  • Gives relief from backache, heel pain, toe pain and pain from gout and arthritis.

Ingredients of Pain Nil sachet

The Pain relief sachet is entirely Herbal and made without mixing any chemicals. They are one of the best  to get rid of the pains as they are made following holistic methods.

Direction of Using Pain Nil sachet

be used twice daily. One sachet in the morning 40 minutes after the meal and one more sachet  in evening 40 minutes after meal with water.

date of manufacturing is December 2022

expiry date is 3 years from manufacturing date which is December 2025



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