Mahabhringraj Hair Oil for Falling Hair, alopecia Premature Greying 200ml

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200ml Mahabhringraj Herbal Hair Oil Falling Hair Premature Graying  Hair Oil  alopacia 

Importance: Baidyanath mahabhringraj tail is a proven formulation to control hair-fall & premature greying of your hair.

Ancient ayurvedic textures recommend regular use to support re-growth, increase length & add body & volume to your hair.

It is a combination of 9 precious herbs with pure til oil which used frequently, ensures black, soft, glowing & lustrous hair.

This oil can be used effectively in condition of shiro-roga’s like depression, neck stiffening.

Dosage: Put Mahabhringraj oil drops in roots of hair once in a day and massage hair smoothly with hand.


• Control Hair fall

• Control Greying hair

• Helps in regain of hair naturally

8 Benefits Of Mahabhringraj Hair Oil
  • Boosts The Hair Growth. Did you know Mahabhringraj oil, when massaged on the head, causes Vasodilation? ...
  • Curb Baldness And Hair Fall. ...
  • For Dry Scalp & Dandruff. ...
  • Postpones Hair Greying. ...
  • Deals With Scalp Infection. ...
  • Better Hair Nourishment. ...
  • Soothe Headaches. ...
  • Treat Dry Hair & Split Ends: