Hadensa ointment Chronic Constipation Bleeding Piles Haemorrhoids Fistula 20g

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Hadensa ointment fo Chronic Constipation Bleeding Piles Haemorrhoids Fistula 20g


Chronic and acute hemorroids (piles),anal fissure, anal fistula.

It reduces bleeding and swelling, releives itching and pain.

HADENSA Ointment for external use only

 an extremely effective for piles and other problems.

HADENSA  contains ingredients to shrink piles,reduce swelling of veins and bleeding.

They stimulate the liver, improve appetite and help digestion. Further,the capsule have laxative and wormicidal properties also.All these ensure proper internal of piles and other problems in a most effective manner.

Who can get piles?

People who take fast food,non vegetarian food,who are alcholic and smokers,who sit and work for long durations (like drivers /tailors/call center employees) and sedentary employees and who have constipation can also get piles.

Why do i get piles?

If your food/diet contains high fat, non vegetarian food and more chillies and inadequate water intake you can get piles. At work,if you sit for long hours can give you piles.

What are the symptoms of Piles?

Pain, constipation, itching, irritation and bleeding in the anal region are symptoms, commonly associated with piles. Piles is also hereditary.

Who can use Hadensa?

Hadensa Ointment and Capsules can be used by anyone suffering from piles.Male or female and all age groups, diabetic and people with high BP and other problems also.

Can I use HADENSA for all types of piles?

Yes. Both Hadensa Ointment and Capsules can be used in the chronic and acute internal and external hemorroids (Piles, eczema of anus and anal fissures.


Hadensa ointment is used for the treatment of haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures or anal fistula