70mm Pressure Sensitive Foam Liner Safety Tamper Seals for Jar Lid 100 seal

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100 PCS OF 70mm Press & Seal Cap Liners 

 Foam Sealed for Your Protection

Fit jars or bottles with a 70mm opening.


70mm = 2.75 in


These are Pressure Sensitive seals (PS Foam Liner) that fit inside the lid of your jar, and when properly applied, will stay attached to the jar until they are peeled off. The seals have "Sealed for your protection" written on them., so that your customers know that you care about your product quality.


Tips on using the cap liners:

PS lines are designed to be used as an inner seal to seal solid products, such as dry foods and pharmaceuticals & work with thick liquids such as creams and sauces

These liners are NOT recommended for watery liquids like juices & especially essential oils

Clean the lip of the container with alcohol to ensure there is no oily residue that will prevent the seals from sticking. 

To use the seals, place them inside the lid with the white side facing out. 

Screw the lid on as tightly as you possibly can, and let the container sit for at least 30 min.

Common mistakes to avoid


Lip of the jar is not clean.

Seal facing the wrong direction when applying

Not enough pressure is applied when installing the seal.

Not waiting enough time before removing lid. 

Over filling containers is another common cause for leakage.

Material: Foam
Color: Red, White
Size:         70mm / 2.76"


-Helps to preserve freshness of product.
-Helps to prevent oils and liquids from leaking.
-Helps to prevent product contamination.
-Easy to seal, no facility needed, can be used to seal plastic and glass bottle.

How to use:
1. Place the liner onto the opening of the bottle/jar.
2. Make sure the rim is dry, clean and smooth.
3. The one side with word should be the upper side(As shown in picture
4. Twist your cap onto the bottle. Leave in place for 30 minutes. This gives the adhesive time to release leaving the liner attached to the rim.
5. You will see the liner sealed closely onto the rim of the bottle/jar opening after you take off the outside cap 30 mins later.

Package Included:
100 x 70MM Pressure Sensitive Liners

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