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Juniper Essential Oill 10ml

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Now most famous for flavouring gin, juniper berry was once a revered natural remedy that was in use worldwide to treat a wide variety of ailments.

These days, juniper berry oil is often used to detoxify the body, aid digestion, and prevent infection.

Juniper Berry essential oil is a cleansing, purifying oil that also acts as a popular ingredient in home cleaning sprays.

In recent years, juniper berry has been used to help treat symptoms of stress as well as aid sleep.


Our 100% Pure Juniper Berry Essential Oil has a sweet, woody scent with light, herbal notes, and is pale yellow in colour. It is extracted via steam distillation from the dried and ground berries of the juniper tree.

You can learn more about juniper berry essential oil over on our blog.

Botanical Name: Juniperus Communis