MacKENZIES smelling salts 17ml eucalyptus and ammonia

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Product description

A powerful combination of aromatic smelling salts to ease congestion.

MacKENZIES smelling salts are a traditional remedy used to relieve symptoms of head colds and congestion caused by inflamed mucous membranes in the throat and head. MacKENZIES smelling salts contain a powerful, aromatic and conventional combination of ammonia liquor and eucalyptus essentials oils.

The combination of ingredients works together to produce a potent aroma to ease congestion and clear the airways which helps to reduce the feeling of a blocked, stuffy nose. MacKENZIES smelling salts are fast acting and easy to use. Simply sit back, inhale deeply and you'll feel immediate relief and relaxation.

Features of MacKENZIES smelling salts 17ml

  • An aromatic blend of essential oils
  • Airways feel clear
  • Relaxing and enjoyable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Effective relief from symptoms of congestion, catarrh and head colds
  • Traditional remedy
  • Specifications

    • 17ml
  • Suitable for

    • Adults and children over the age of three months
  • Warnings and cautions

    • Do not digest or swallow
    • Not for children under the age of three months
    • Keep out of the sight and reach of children
    • Consult your doctor if symptoms persist
    • Store in a cool dry place
    • Do not use after the expiry date stated on the bottle
  • How to use

    1. Inhale only.
    2. Inhale the vapours through the nostrils as required.